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123 Flake System

We grind the floor, fix any issues, then we apply the base coat, broadcast a decorative flake onto the floor, and finally squeegee on a clear coat.

The results are amazing.

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Quartz System

The perfect solution for outdoor steps, decks, and patios.  Or can be used for indoor spaces as well that require a rugged non-slip treatment.

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Metallic Reflective System

This is such a beautiful floor, perfect for basements, beauty shops, restaurants, or other commercial spaces.

This floor makes a statement, and is so easy to maintain.

This will also work in offices as well.  

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Decal Design and Installation

Have a favorite sports team, or auto manufacture?  How about a a logo for your company?

Add another dimension to your floor with these beautiful accents.

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Consulting, Design and Installation

If you want to create a space that ties your room together, than having us work with you to come up with a design and make your room stunning.

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Polished Concrete System

Concrete polishing is fast becoming the floor of choice.  

This flooring option is something that can be done to have your floor look very unique.  This non-slip floor is widely used in schools, grocery stores, and big box stores.

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Concrete Wood Floor

Transform your existing concrete into the look of wood flooring. Waterproof, affordable, and environmentally friendly. Great for big pets, or areas you can't have wood flooring, like garages, and basements. 

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Since 2008

We have been serving our customers and working with them to help create beautiful spaces.  We started out coating floors part-time, and over the years have made this a full-time venture.  

In the early days we mostly did garage floors but now we have done acid staining, metallic flooring, concrete polishing, and continue to grow our business.

Our specialty is still coating garage floors with our 123 flake system, but we also specialize in commercial spaces that the 'big guys' don't want to because the space is too small.

If you have a small commercial space that needs some love we can help with that.  Do you own a warehouse that needs to have a coating on the floor to protect it, we can help.

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