123 Flake System

Lougheed Seed Cleaning Plant

The staff at the plant contacted us to quote on doing the offices in their brand new plant.

They designed a logo and we commissioned a graphics company to create the logo, which we installed.

We ground the floor with our grinder, applied a coating, broadcast a flake onto the coating, we scraped the floor and then squeegeed a clear coat onto the floor.

By scraping the floor we gave them a surface that was beautiful and easy to maintain.

They are so pleased with the result they had us come down to their grand opening.


123 Flake System

Daysland Palace Theatre

In 2015 we were commissioned by the Palace Theatre to update their floor.  When we first did  estimate we had no idea of the horrible condition of the floor as the floor was tiled.

The volunteers removed the old tile and we quickly had a problem on our hands, I reached out to my contact in the concrete industry.  We had Jo's Concrete Service come in and pour a overlay over the floor.

We then came in and worked with their team and created the final product.  We were able to take design elements in the building and incorporate them in the floor to tie the room together.

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