Repair Damaged Floor

Is your floor in need of repair?  Cracks, holes can be fixed to have your new floor look it's best.

Consult and Design

We can work with you and design a space that is amazing and gorgeous and stays within your budget.


Our team will install your new flooring in a timely manner, consistent with the design that we have come up with.


Working Within Your Budget

We get it, you need to watch your money, so working with your budget is of top priority for us.

Consulting You Every Step Of The Way

We want the finished product to make you happy, and your space to be amazing.

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Implementing Your Design

We want the finished project to be perfect and we will work very hard to make sure that you are extremely happy with the result.

Request A Quote...

If you would like to get a consult, or estimate feel free.  No obligation, no high pressure.