Custom Design Floor Coatings

Custom epoxy floors can include prints, textures, and special materials. We specialise in many types of decorative flooring and can work with you during the planning stage of your floor to help suggest design ideas and select the best materials for the job.

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Along with epoxy floor coatings, we also have other resin floor products which can add practical features like non-slip, and stunning beauty like metallic shine. These floors are tough.

Depending on your structure and facility requirement, floor finishing systems can be more than 1/4″ thick.  They offer impact resistance, compression strength, and are the strongest heavy-duty industrial epoxy coatings.

  • Fast-curing options
  • Withstand heavy foot and cart traffic and waxing or polishing will not be required
  • Industrial-strength chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Skid-resistant (non-slip) options
  • Pattern, print, and flooring design options for markers, lanes, parking spaces etc. (Embed your logo right in the floor)

The Metallic Reflective System is the perfect floor for basements, salons, lounges, or offices. This high gloss floor makes a statement.

The metallic pigments reflect the light to create a stunning effect. These floors are very easy to clean and maintain adding flare to your space.